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Filippo Berto takes part in the meeting “Traiettorie di sguardi”

Filippo Berto takes part in the meeting “Traiettorie di sguardi”

This meeting, whose title is “Il senso del lavoro” (“The meaning of work”), takes place inside the 10th edition of Traiettorie di sguardi and is about a debate among young people, businessmen, professors and the associations’ world.

Special guests:
Patrizia Cappelletti – Major of Sociology at the Università Cattolica of Milan
Giusy Brignoli – Responsible for the project of social agriculture
Rigenera Beatrice Lancini - Wedding planner
and Filippo Berto.

Traiettorie di sguardi” is a special path dedicated to young people between 18 and 30 years old, organized by the Cremona diocese whose aim is to suggest all young people some specific themes they may get involved in.

On Sunday, 19th February 2017, the meeting refers to the different possibilities of human and young expressions even through the art of working.

Our job may be considered nowadays either as a breakdown or a real force in many existential paths: job insecurity and desire of independency, research of the self expression and continuous compromises between ambition and reality, instrumentality and sense cross and fight putting more anxiety along the paths of people and social groups.
How can we improve our working time today? Is it still possible to achieve our own fulfillment and combine it with the fulfillment of other people and other things?

Save the date for Sunday, 19th February, at 6.30pm in Cremona, Via Agreste 11.
For more information send an email to valentina@bertosalotti.it 

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