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If you are a design enthusiast and are constantly looking for a reference point for the furnishing of your home, you are in the right place.
Get your copy of BertoBillboard, BertO's Official Magazine, and discover our experts' secrets to furnishing your living room with the DEE DEE seating system.


BertoBillboard BertO's Magazine

1. Access all the confidential advice from our experts on matching the colours of your Dee Dee sofa, fabrics, and leathers in your environment (so as not to make the mistakes of the past).

When you want to design the living room of your dreams, it is essential to distinguish between who can really help you and those who might lead you astray (wasting your time and putting a strain on your patience).

In the last year, many people have been uncomfortable in their homes because of mistakes made in choosing their furniture. Many understood the need to re-design their environments with a different approach to the choice of elements and their arrangement. This was in order to ensure they did not find themselves in the exact same situation as before: sitting on an uncomfortable and often messy sofa that is very far from the idea of dream design they had for themselves and their family.

In BertoBillboard you will find the best tips for preventing mistakes when designing your home, starting from the living room and the infinite possibilities that the Dee Dee sofa can offer you.

2. Find out how to create your furniture project starting from the sofa that revolutionized the rules of design and comfort: the DEE DEE.

Dee Dee is the undisputed star of the first issue of BertoBillboard. It is the design seating system that reimagines the rules of design and comfort.

You must know that one of the biggest problems in choosing new furniture for your living room is that of finding a consensus between design and comfort.

Imagine it in your environment.

We know very well that at a first glance it Dee Dee may seem like a sofa, and yet: it is a "NON-sofa”.

You will be amazed when you read what you can achieve with Dee Dee as part of your new furniture project. A glance is enough, a few moments of finger contact with one of its coverings, an irresistible invitation to let yourself enjoy the variety of its extraordinary levels of comfort and super-soft goose down - and all other options cease to exist.

3.Get your exclusive and confidential advice from our interior designers now.

When you choose a sofa for your home, it's a bit like choosing a suit for yourself.
If your shirt and trousers are mismatched you don't look good, and you don't feel comfortable..

Unlike other companies that make custom-made sofas or offer fake advice without really going into the merits of the problems to be solved, we really help you to design your environment well, taking care of every detail in order to make a real difference.

By requesting your copy of BertoBillboard you will get a confidential consultation with our experts to create your Made in Meda dream design project with BertO.


BertoBillboard Berto's Design Magazine sofa Dee Dee

Filippo Berto and his team of interior designers, architects, upholsterers, decorators, designers, and furniture consultants are outstanding experts at understanding the needs of those who want to create a design project around their personality, solving unsolvable problems, creating unique pieces, and transforming the most complex environments from an architectural point of view into real islands of comfort.

This is what we have been doing since 1974. BertoBillboard is available to answer questions and offer important information on how to get the most out of your project, starting from the star of your living room: the sofa.

● How to rely on a real expert who can advise you and dissuade you from wrong choices
● How to choose the perfect composition for your environment, starting with the Dee Dee sofa
● Leather or fabric? Everything you need to know about the upholstery of your Dee Dee sofa
● Do the furnishing accessories really make a difference?
● How to transform your living room with 4 simple elements: sofa, rug, armchair and coffee table
● Choosing the sofa on your own can lead to a mistake being made

Request your copy of BertoBillboard at and you will receive exclusive advice from our experts to make your dream project come true!

N.B. BertoBillboard is available in Italian.

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