Located near the historic factory, the Berto Salotti Meda showroom is the company's main showroom.

Here you will find the complete collections, the assortment of fabrics for sofas and curtains and all custom upholstery services, such as rebuilding or restoration of old sofas, maintaining the traditional processing techniques. You can also create made-to-order, custom designed sofas and chairs.

You’ll find experienced staff at your disposal for the best furnishing suggestions, not only for the sitting room, but also for living room furniture, tables and chairs, bedroom and kitchen furniture.


Esposizione divani Showroom Berto Salotti Meda
Consulenti d'arredo Showroom Berto Salotti Meda
Divani artigianali Showroom Berto Salotti Meda
Servizi Progettazione Showroom Berto Salotti Meda
Collezione tessile Showroom Berto Salotti Meda
Via Piave 18
Meda (MB)- ITALY
tel. +39 0362 333082
Monday: 15:00 - 19:00
Tuesday to Saturday
10.00 -12.30
15.00 -19.00
Sunday 25 August
15.00 -19.00