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Our customers' houses made with the "Made in Meda" recipe by BertO

All the customers who have created the home of their dreams using the "Made in Meda" solution by BertO have one thing in common: ATTENTION TO DETAIL.

People often believe – quite wrongly – that successfully renovating or redecorating their house hinges on a great sofa, the position of the table, or perhaps a specific bed, and they forget about the bigger picture.

Clients who entrust their project to BertO have come to the realisation that interior design does not simply "come together" as if by magic.

In fact, every customer who chooses to work with BertO to create their "Dream Design" has embraced a comprehensive detail-oriented approach, relying on an interior designer who collaborates with an architect to refine every single detail FROM THE VERY BEGINNING: from the use of light to the room dimensions; from the family's physical needs to their emotional desires, which should be accommodated throughout the home; and from the design of individual pieces to the ideal colour and fabric combinations.

Each step of the project is part of the bigger picture and cannot be neglected if you really want to create the house of your dreams.

Explore our clients' projects and book an appointment to create the Dream Design for your home.

Progetti Case BertO: Bari Villa privata

BARI | Private Villa

Progetti Case BertO: Puglia Casa della Musica

PUGLIA | House of Music

Projects Case BertO: Milan Private loft

MILANO | Private Loft

BertO Projects : Private residence in Milan

MILANO | Private Residence 


If you have ever bought a sofa, armchair, coffee table or any other piece of furniture that looked beautiful in the shop but did not really work in your space once you got it home, you know the potential pitfalls that come with decorating, and you certainly did not achieve your desired effect.

At some point, you have probably found yourself in at least one of these situations (if not all of them):

 The piece of furniture you bought is beautiful, but it does not pack the same punch as the gorgeous sofa, armchair or coffee table that won you over in the showroom: maybe it is too big, the colour is too dark, or perhaps it even seems superfluous in your space;

 You tried to ask the salesperson in the shop for help, and they went along with your enquires, but they could not actually evaluate your space, and you were left on your own to make a decision that required detailed analysis;

• You carefully chose the dimensions of your sofa, perhaps taking inspiration from projects you researched and pictures of beautiful houses. The bottom line: your sofa is indeed lovely, but everything else is lacking, and you don't know where to start. 

There is one thing you should keep in mind from the beginning: the perfect home needs the perfect design.

In a nutshell, choosing a great sofa, bed or accessory will not help you find the perfect look for your unique home. You may be very happy with the sofa itself, for example, but it will never be 100% satisfactory as it was not made with your living space in mind.

With advice from our interior designers, you can receive a 3D blueprint of the spaces in your home free of charge and create the design of your dreams with "Made in Meda" by BertO.

Progetti Case Berto: Bari sala da pranzo villa privata
Berto Projects: Project and moodboard Bari private villa
BertO project: area relax Private villa Bari
BertO Projects: area relax with Dee Dee and Hanna Private Villa Bari
It is perfectly normal. It happens to everyone. Perhaps you focus all your attention on your favourite spot in your home, or maybe you are particularly fond of an object or accessory, so you place it in pride of place in the living room, but you overlook the lighting, the spacing between objects, etc.

Your decor doesn't make you feel at home, so you keep moving your favourite piece around, trying to find the perfect spot...

This simple example shows why it is so important not to skip over any parts of the process and to trust real experts to guide you and help you design the home of your dreams.

With advice from our interior designers and the "Made in Meda" solution by BertO, you can be sure that you have chosen a sophisticated and comfortable design, and that your entire house will be in line with your likes and wishes.

It is a true joy to see the completed projects in our clients' homes and the results they have achieved by trusting our expertise.
We want to share our knowledge with you, helping you understand your home's true potential by really considering your space and the optimal layout.
Progetto loft Milanese Milani - Ottanà
Salottino loft Milanese Milani - Ottanà
Salottino loft Milanese Milani - Ottanà
Divano Dee Dee Home cinema - Progetto loft Milani - Ottanà

You, too, can create the home of your dreams – the one you have always wanted – by designing every aspect of your space for moments of fun and relaxation with the people you love. When you book a consultation, you will receive the following:

  • 3D blueprint of your home, worth €6,000, complete with all the coordinated accessories for your sofa to get an understanding of how you can transform your home with the "Made in Meda" solution by BertO";
  • project presentation with an exclusive mood board that includes all the selected materials to complete the look;
  • BertO Club membership with exclusive benefits for events, gatherings, bonuses and previews;
  • BertO's 100% satisfaction guarantee: the only company in the sector that will reimburse the entire amount spent should you change your mind within 15 days of your purchase;
  • rapid delivery, with a team of expert drivers and fitters from BertO who will handle your project with care and attention;
  • access to our customer service team, who are ready to help with any needs you might have, and are available to answer any question before, during and after the project.
Use this opportunity to create the home of your dreams, whether you are embarking on a restoration or starting from scratch: a Dream Design with the "Made in Meda" solution by BertO is the first step towards making your dreams come true.

Book a free consultation now, and we will provide you with all the information you need. Simply submit a floor plan and some photographs of your current space.

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