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Ours is an all-Italian story.

Founded in Meda in 1974 by the brothers Fioravante and Carlo Berto as a craft workshop specialising in contract manufacturing, today BertO is the contemporary design company Made in Meda.

Directed by Filippo Berto and the subject of an internationally recognised digital Case Study, BertO is one of the Italian companies selected by Google as a model for the digitisation of SMEs and the promotion of 'Made in Italy'.

In the craft workshop and our offices, we design and manufacture designer furniture for living and sleeping areas, in cooperation with Castello Lagravinese Studio and with the contribution of the BertO Research and Development team.

The accuracy and integration of the research, concept, design and production phases result in a Collection of high-quality sofas, armchairs, beds and furnishing accessories that can always be customised.

Pieces that incorporate both tradition and development, in a solid and refined balance.
This is Dream Design, built through expertise, listening to the customer, and precise, shared choices.

Ritratto Brianza artigiana anni '70

Find out who we are in ten key points.


Dream Design

BertO's Made in Meda recipe for realising Dream Design for our clients' homes stems from the direct relationship we have with each of them. Every client is different, every home is different, and it is not easy to realise exclusive living room and bedroom designs without a style guide to transform each room into the desired environment.

The BertO Collection designs the features of a new way of contemporary living: a project that was born and developed in Meda, a key centre for history, know-how and innovation in international design and furnishing. A thousand-year-old tradition that, at every step of the way, has found the key to furnishing the most beautiful homes around the world.

From the brilliant minds of our Art Directors Alessandro Castello and Mari Lagravinese of Castello Lagravinese Studio, in collaboration with BertO's Research and Development team, come our Collections of sofas, armchairs, beds, and furnishing accessories of the highest quality, always customisable around the customer's needs. BertO radically revolutionises the idea of the home, creating environments that enhance their beauty with prestigious looks, building elegant, luxurious, original and comfortable spaces.

BertO's Dream Design interprets the customer's needs through the professionalism of a team of interior designers who follow each project through to completion.

Point 1 About Us: Dream Design


Made in Meda

Meda is the most important city in the world for the production of top-quality designer furniture; the capital of world-famous contemporary Italian design.

Precisely for this reason, we pledge to our customers that we can realise Dream Designs for their homes, and this is possible precisely because our company is located in Meda, embodies the DNA of age-old know-how, and designs and produces every piece of the collection in the BertO workshop in Meda.

Filippo Berto describes all this in the book 'Made in Meda: The Future of Design is Already a Thousand Years Old', written to capture the values of this city and to challenge the future of new generations of design workers.

Unique skills converge in Meda, both for the development of advanced technologies and for the largest number of designers who have solved the world's most important design challenges (the Compasso d'Oro awards won in our city are proof of this).

==> If you would like to obtain a copy of the book 'Made in Meda: The Future of Design is Already a Thousand Years Old', click here!

Point 2 About Us: Made in Meda


International Case Study

Being widely present on the web is as much a part of the company's day-to-day business as producing top-quality designer furniture, designed to last a long time, in the workshops: an entire team follows BertO's digital identity and activities, creating a real connection with the public, beyond any digital bias.

Starting in the early 2000s, BertO began an online dialogue with customers all over the world, 'opening the doors' of its workshop and telling them about the company's activities through the web.

The #BertoStory blog is the first corporate blog in the design and furniture sector in Italy: an online diary and magazine with which the company tells its story in seven languages.

In addition to the blog, BertO continues its storytelling and customer relations through a YouTube channel with over two million views, social networks and a constant presence with live streaming of the most important events in contemporary design.

BertO has become an international success story, repeatedly referenced and held up as an example by universities, trade and business journals, international events, and public and private institutions; so much so that it has even become a 'Case Study' for the global giant Google.

Even Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google from 2001 to 2011, identified BertO as the Italian company par excellence that has managed to transform itself thanks to digital and the net. Google also chose BertO as a Case Study for its projects Growth Engine and Excellence in Digital and as an outstanding example of a company that was able to cope with the Covid-19 emergency period thanks to the web.

==> Find out more about BertO and Google here!

Point 3 About Us - Case Study


Showroom Experience

Every BertO showroom is a stage that puts Meda on show every day.

Entering a BertO showroom is like stepping into the heart of Made in Meda know-how, with a design kit which allows each customer to choose from a selection of the finest and most elegant materials and create perfectly coordinated total environments.

The BertO Collection is available in all showrooms, with the latest innovationsà.

Each model in the BertO Collection is the result of the most advanced know-how in the world, thanks to the more than 300 years of experience in our region that has made Italian design famous throughout the world.

An experienced interior designer can give you the Made in Meda design experience thanks to BertO's expertise: behind each beautiful sofa, armchair, fabric or complement, a research and development centre works with the best prototype designers to create the perfect design for each customer, made special and unique by the hand of master upholsterers who intervene to customise every single aspect of your sofa.

Creating the best furniture design means knowing how to select all the elements needed to make it truly unique.

Every BertO showroom is a stage that puts Meda on show every day.
In addition, BertO's showrooms have a social area where you can attend public meetings and book presentations or chat, read, listen to music, or hang out together for an informal discussion on design and home living.

Experience Made in Meda in our showrooms ==> book your exclusive visit with a furniture consultant dedicated exclusively to you and your project.

Point 4 About Us  - Showoroom Experience


Direct distribution - online and in showrooms - worldwide

BertO, unlike other world-famous design companies, maintains direct distribution without intermediaries through a network of single-brand showrooms and exclusive online consulting worldwide.

The customer is assisted by our consultants at all stages of conception, design, production, delivery and after-sales service.

Thanks to its five single-brand showrooms in Meda (Lombardy), Rome, Turin, Padua and Brescia - and thanks to a genuine online consultancy service that assists customers all over the world - BertO establishes a direct relationship with each customer, whether it is the choice of an accessory or the delivery of a complete piece of furniture.

No middlemen means a direct customer-to-company relationship, real-time responses and 7/7 support from a dedicated and permanently connected BertO Caring Team to ensure quick responses to each request, before and after purchase.

BertO handles every step and accompanies the customer through to after-sales, thus acquiring national and international references at the highest level.

 Point 5 About Us : Direct distribution - online and in showrooms - worldwide - BertO


BertO Projects / Contract

BertO offers an exclusive service for professionals with a division completely dedicated to the development of total projects and contract supplies.

The dedicated design kit for professionals includes the most exclusive selection of materials, 2D and 3D versions of each model in the Collection, textile and leather samples made directly in the weaving mill and the tannery, to design customised and perfectly coordinated environments.

The same care given to the creation of the models in our Collection is offered in a variety of services to create a complete project with an exclusive and totally customised look.

Thanks to the experience of the BertO team - architects, prototypers, interior designers and master upholsterers - we share with our customers the comfort, elegance and exclusivity of unique environments, in which architecture and design blend to achieve sophisticated and personalised environments.

==> Find out how to realise a project for your clients with the advice of BertO professional!

Point 6 About Us: BertO Project/Contract


The BertO 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The BertO 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is unique in the high-quality design and furniture industry.
The satisfaction of each customer is crucial for BertO.

Precisely for this reason, BertO's interior designers work side by side with each customer to offer a consultancy service that addresses each project to achieve an exclusive, carefully thought-out design.

It often happens that the choice of a piece of furniture, such as a sofa or an accessory, is made without the help of a professional who knows how to build around a specific aspiration, a design that reflects the characteristics of the space and the true desires of each customer.

BertO's advisory service takes every aspect into account, which is why, once the customer has received their purchase, if for any reason they are not satisfied, they have the right to return it within 15 days of receipt, without giving any further explanation.

BertO Customer Service is at your disposal to provide further information in this regard. Contact Laura now!

Point 7 About Us: BertO 100% Satisfaction Guarantee



BertO has opened the doors of its Meda workshop to create exclusive design sofas together with the public, to enable students, customers, designers, architects, journalists, university lecturers and members of institutions to understand the processes and steps involved in the creation of a top-quality piece.

'Making a sofa together' has become a real trademark for BertO: in 2013 we launched Divanoxmanagua, a crowdcrafting project for social purposes. In 2014 it was Sofa4Manhatta, a crowdcrafting project dedicated to Made in Meda design for Manhattan residents.

2016 saw Vanessa4NewCraft bring to life an armchair co-created with the visitors to the XXI Triennale del Design in Milan, as part of the New Craft exhibition curated by Professor Stefano Micelli.

BertO crowdcrafting is now available to any client who wants to participate in the making of their sofa, armchair or bed, alongside our master upholsterers, tailors and seamstresses.

If you would like to participate in a private crowdcrafting session for your furniture project, contact your BertO interior designer now or write to

Point 8 About Us: Crowdcrafting



BertO4Planet is a project in collaboration with Polifactory - Department of Design of the  Politecnico di Milano - to study new materials and sustainable technologies for the production of design furniture and accessories. 

BertO has always taken a sustainable approach to its production, designing and manufacturing each model to be durable over time, whether it is the structure of a sofa or the upholstery and padding for sustained and long-lasting comfort.

In addition, the dedicated after-sales service for all customers guarantees the possibility of servicing each model, to restore its original beauty and comfort in every aspect.

Thanks to its collaboration with a truly world-renowned scientific institution such as Polifactory, Department of Design of Politecnico di Milano, BertO has launched specific research into new materials that can drastically affect the environmental impact at the end of life of each design element in its production.

Berto4Planet is a veritable handbook of the ten principles that inspire Dream Design Made in Meda. "BertO's 10 Rules of Circularity in Contemporary Design" make up a Manifesto symbolic of BertO's commitment to the environment.

The BertO4Planet Manifesto was presented at the Milan Design Week 2022 at BertoStudio's Milan workshop in LOM - Locanda Officina Monumentale.

Point 9 About Us: BertO4Planet


BertoStudio @ LOM

BertoStudio is the permanent research lab dedicated to design, sustainability and the transformation of living spaces.

Based in an exclusive location in the heart of Milan (Locanda Officina Monumentale) BertoStudio houses research projects (such as BertO4Planet) and is open to the public for private visits.

BertoStudio is also where BertO has initiated projects in collaboration with LOM's host companies.

==> Book your private visit here!

Point 10 About Us: BertoStudio @ LOM

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