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25. Why the sofa Johnny by BertO has many things more than other sofas and just one thing less

24. Why the new sofa Joey with Chaise Longue allows you to become the designer of your own comfort

29. Why the chair Judy is not simply beautiful, but even intelligent

28. Why your living room will like the table Ring designed by BertO

12. Because our sofa beds are real sofas and real beds

05. Berto sofa beds can be opened up to 4500 times

07. Because the BertO classic sofas are made with bi-conical steel springs

08. Why is our Chesterfield sofa made as in the seventh century?

01. Why, the new BertO container beds do not steal precious space

02. BertO beds are guaranteed, to last, because of a double-track iron frame.

06. Because all of our sofas have a solid wood frame

19. Why do spring box system prove that tradition can make you more comfortable?

14. Why does the feather padding in a Berto sofa have respect for your health?

16. Why is leather given the name full-grain?

15. Because, full-grain leather has distinguishing characteristics

21. Why does a BertO sofa make you feel pampered?

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