Meda is the world capital of design and for this reason it is one of the most important cities in the world.

In 1974 our founders decided to build the pillars of our society in a territory which, in our sector, is a legend: the town of Meda.

The city of Meda is quoted in texts of design, it is the destination of design-addicts from all over the world and it has seen the creation of some of the major innovations in our sector.

In Italy, unlike other nations where design was already important during the 1930s and 40s, in the 50s architects and designers discovered the furniture industry thanks to the large industries that reconverted war production into civil production. Meda became the protagonist of a new creative and economic culture which was able to blend elegance, form and style, re-modelling it to meet the needs of modern families. 

We at BertO have been handed an important inheritance, a historical challenge and the enthusiasm which comes straight from our founders who chose to create our society right here in the capital of Italian design throughout the world. Meda.

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1. WE RECOGNISE the unique value of the city of Meda which has reached a level of excellence equal to no other city in the world making it a global Design Capital.

2. WE BELIEVE that work in the whole city, at all levels, is an integral part of this excellence.

3. WE PROMOTE the results of the work undertaken in the city of Meda in many constant, strategic and forward-looking ways.  

4. WE OPEN the horizons of Made in Meda in every possible context,  traditional, innovative and experimental, bringing elements of the future to our work without setting ourselves any limits.

5. WE SPEAK with anyone who is interested in knowing and understanding the values of Made in Meda.

6. WE REINFORCE AND DEVELOP the traditions of "know-how" which is typical to Meda, expressions of hands which are able the produce top-quality workmanship.

7. WE TEACH the basic values of Made in Meda to the new generation in our artisan workshops, the society infrastructure and in our schools.

8. WE CONSTRUCT new values incessantly through the quality of everything which regards the work carried out in Meda, from the products to the services.

9. WE COMMUNICATE Made in Meda with consideration and competence, aware that we are representing something which is unique throughout the world.

10. WE RESPECT the heritage of Made in Meda in the figures and the works of the protagonists who, throughout the years, have made Meda the world Design Capital. 

Filippo Berto


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