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An open source company that produces collectively

Crowdcrafting means literally creating with the public.
We opened the doors of our Fine Upholstery Laboratory with the idea of exchanging knowledge and creating exclusive home furnishings, mainly sofas. We invited other professionals in the field designers and architects, and included anyone who was curious about what we do and more importantly how we do it, hence we invited students, journalists, bloggers, academics, and of course ordinary people to our workshops.

In fact, until 2013, we did not know the word “crowdcrafting” even existed. We wanted to simply introduce ourselves as master artisans and demonstrate to the public our creativity and quality. We soon discovered however that what we were doing, designing and constructing sofas with the above-mentioned players meant that we were “crowdcrafting”. Stefano Micelli, mentor and adviser of the new Artisan Future, agreed and told us: "Yes, you are crowdcrafting!”.

Co-creation, openness and sharing are simple actions that we practice in the daily routine of our company and greatly affect the way we produce and describe our work.

We enjoy bringing attention to the work we do as artisans, for us the art of upholstery is beautiful, and because of these practices, we have learned how to interact with our ecosystem in dynamic ways. We have discovered new methods of sharing the value of the Brianza and our expertise with our customers, friends and the public.


China Crowd-crafting Project. 
The new crowd-crafting project dedicated to the Chinese market began at the 2019 Furniture Fair with the aim of designing and creating a sofa for Shanghai. The project for this sofa was to be based on indications developed together—our skilled upholsterers and a representative group of Chinese citizens – during a shared session held in our Meda showroom.

China Crowdcrafting Project


The Crowdcrafting project is dedicated to the new dimension of working combined with a new generation of artisans. Inside the exhibition New Craft, held by Stefano Micelli, at the XXI Triennale in Milan, we have created an armchair with unique design together with visitors, customers, friends, students, academics and political institutions. This armchair is the symbol of our artisan tradition combined with all technological innovations.

#vanessa4newcraft - crowdcrafting session


Our next project was a “crowdrafting” event for designers. We worked in collaboration with Design-Apart, Stefano Micelli, including an international group of designers and let us not forget creative New Yorkers. The task was to imagine, design and eventually build the ideal sofa for the inhabitants of Manhattan. The final design, by Lera Moiseeva in collaboration with Luca Nichetto, came from the first workshop in living showroom of Design-Apart on 25th street, in New York City.

#sofa4manhattan - crowdcrafting session


It was our first “crowdcrafting” project created for the social media. We hosted six workshops open to the public in three cities: Meda, Rome and Milan. More than 400 hands, built a single sofa, the focus of the project put young people at the center: the students from the Upholstery Institute of Terragni Meda on one side and young Nicaraguans received the benefits. Thanks to Terre des Hommes Italy even today proceeds of every sale help young students attend courses at the Maioreo in carpentry and upholstery, in Managua, Nicaragua.

#divanoXmanagua - crowdcrafting session

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