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What is the Book Spirit of 74?
What is the #Spirit of 74?
It’s what there was when there was nothing else. 
It is the only thing that has any importance.
It is the DNA of BertO.

We at BertO think that what defines a society or a commercial brand is not only a name, not only their offices or stores and not even their products, however well-known they may be. 

Naturally these things help to define a brand but only partially and incompletely, a bit like an identity card which gives information about a person but which certainly doesn’t allow us to really know that person.

The theme of identity is felt deeply in our society and we have given a lot of thought to this subject.

We have understood that “being ourselves” is fundamental if we want to do our best. Only when you know your own characteristics can you offer a service to others in the most useful, sensible and suitable way.

And our identity today is represented by a spirit, the spirit which our founders Carlo and Fioravante Berto adopted right from the day they opened their activity of Sartorial Upholstery.  That first day was in 1974 and the same spirit still lives today, decades later, in the attitude of the people who are part of the various BertO teams, in all our areas of production, sales and networking of our brand name.

This is what the #Spirit of 74 means to us. 

When the founders of BertO set out on the path which today we are still carrying forward, there was nothing.

There were no showrooms and no stores. There were no vehicles to deliver the products, there was no-one to deal with the administration and there was no marketing division. There was no customer service and no-one spoke English (just the dialects of Veneto and Brianza)  There wasn’t even a particular place to work. They worked from home. a c'era una cosa. 

But there was one thing.

There was strength in the vision and in the hands of those two men, a strength which was able to move mountains.

So it’s not by chance that today we work to the standards of excellence which give so much more than mere satisfaction to our customers, so much so that we often share scenes of true enthusiasm. We owe all this to the Spirit of 74, when our upholsterers work in the laboratory on some capitonné ignoring the chronometer but entering into a competition which has nothing to do with sales or clients but just the professional pride of a job well done in a territory where their work is respected by not just the community but the whole surrounding country.  

So today it’s not by chance that we commit ourselves to projects and initiatives which place us in an important position in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, even though we are certainly not large enough to be protagonists of the economy. We owe all this to the Spirit of 74 and to the open mentality of those who have guided us since we were small.

And it’s not by chance if today we create relationships in such a way that we have even become a case study of Google: we owe this to the #Spirit of 74 and to our approach to the market which we have been taught, always innovative and always looking for new projects.

The #Spirit of 74 is all this and much more and it is to define it even better that we are writing a book.

If we had to describe all this in just one word, that word would be Emotion.

The Book the Spirit of 74


74 key words to live happily the passion for our chosen profession. 
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Between an unveiled keyword and an event in the showroom, we talk about values and we look at the future.

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