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Made in Meda: The Future of Design is Already a Thousand Years Old.

Our book tells the story of the world's most important city for design and furniture.

We spent a whole year searching for the hidden stories, spending thousands of hours in interviews with the camera rolling, meeting all the protagonists, the witnesses, the city's historians, those who were born before the Design Boom and those who only read about it in books.

We watched as archives were opened up before us with documents dating back over a thousand years. These documents were produced in Meda and are evidence of the great importance of our region.

We asked those who were there how the legend of Italian design originated around the world, and they replied, "it's not easy to say in just a few words how it came about, but I can certainly tell you where it came from: Meda".

Filippo Berto's book is a journey through the city's history, but it is also an important look towards its future.

In this gallery, we reveal all the protagonists on this wonderful journey.

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Giorgio Berto and Filippo Berto
Professor Eugenio Boga and Filippo Berto
Filippo Berto at Villa Traversi
Lanzani and Filippo Berto
Felice Asnaghi and Filippo Berto
Orsi and Filippo Berto
Osvaldo Minotti and Filippo Berto
Filippo Berto at Salda
Filippo Berto at studio Seveso and Trezzi
Filippo Berto at Afol

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