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divanoXmanagua, design Made in Italy

Divanoxmanagua Crowdcrafting project BertO

The divanoXmanagua is without precedence, history in the making of design.
Designed and built collectively with architects, artisans, upholsterers, designers and students from the Terragni Upholstery School in Meda and in collaboration with Terre des Hommes, Italy.
The outcome of traditional tailoring and a modern design, not to mention the use of innovative materials and construction techniques.
This sofa, takes full advantage of the mastery of the Berto laboratory, the capitonnè or quilted finish enriches both the inside as well as the outside of the sofa while the deep seats offer complete comfort.

The divanoXmanagua has a unique design, modern proportions in comfort and in its details.
The materials used reflect the desire to create an inviting environment by using natural products.
The sofa is available in full grain Nubuck leather; both the sofa and the extra-large back cushion have contrasting stitching.
The frame is made of solid Beech wood with steel springs that provide support. The padding is made of polyurethane foam in different densities.
The legs reflect the true nature of the divanoXmanagua made in white Carrara marble: the desire was to make more than just a sofa, but a handmade creation of great value.

The result is a unique product of the highest quality, suitable for chic environments, and 100% made in Italy.

The divanoXmanagua is available in custom finishes, dimensions and details. More infos at

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