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Introducing SOUNDS, the first Outdoor Collection by BertO

More 22/03/2023

BertO opens its first Asian showroom in Singapore

More 25/11/2022

Dee Dee sofa Special Edition Home Cinema is protagonist of Living in Corriere della Sera

More 04/10/2020

Welcome to Jimmy, the new sofa with high, steel feet.

More 05/07/2018

Why the Ribot sofa in nubuck leather is practical and resistant

More 28/05/2018

Nemo sofa bed in Nabuk leather

More 09/04/2018

BertO sofa beds: a new collection for day and night

More 27/02/2018

Loro Piana Interiors in the BertO Fabric Collection

More 20/02/2018

New armchair beds models Flora and Dafne

More 26/01/2018

Bed Chelsea. A new vision of comfort

More 03/11/2017

Riff, the new coffee table made by BertO

More 10/10/2017

Armchair Hanna. New Collection

More 08/09/2017

Stage, the new coffee table made by BertO

More 01/08/2017

Mike, the TV cabinet made by Bert

More 07/07/2017

LaMadrid in the BertO Textile Collection

More 29/06/2017

New Collection. New Vision.

More 24/05/2017

CURTAINS FOR YOUR HOUSE: the new custom made service by BertO

More 10/05/2017

BertO for Casa Flora Venice

More 07/04/2017

BERTO + INTERNOITALIANO at Milan Design Week 2017

More 29/03/2017

Waterproof Nabuk leather Blonde

More 22/02/2017

Video Campaign #WhyBerto 2017

More 10/01/2017

Denim fabrics in the BertO Textile Collection.

More 22/12/2016

Armchairs Emilia and Vanessa Capitonné. Collection 2016.

More 21/12/2016

Welcome to #BertoLive

More 07/12/2016

The Collection Society dresses our BertO beds.

More 01/12/2016

Dining Table Ring: Collection 2016

More 07/11/2016

Collection 2016: sofa Johnny with monoblock frame

More 20/10/2016

BertO is proud to present his first proposal for the dining room: Judy and Ring.

More 27/09/2016

Sanderson Fabrics in BertO Textile Collection

More 20/09/2016

Joey sofa. Collection 2016

More 12/09/2016

BertO Collection 2016

More 17/08/2016

BertO special box: a new tool at your disposal to create your own furniture project.

More 08/08/2016

Circus coffee tables Collection

More 29/07/2016

.exnovo in our online shop: design lamps made with 3D print

More 14/07/2016

Villanova Fabrics in our BertO Textile Collection

More 07/03/2016

Sorbonne design bed. Atelier Collection

More 29/02/2016

Talk with Marion: our English speaking Customer Service online.

More 09/02/2016

C&C Fabrics in our BertO Textile Collection

More 26/01/2016

Vanessa armchair. Atelier Collection

More 14/01/2016

Danton modern sofa. Atelier Collection

More 02/11/2015

Chivasso is on display in the BertO Textile

More 23/09/2015

Atelier Collection

More 21/07/2015

The first BertO concept store is born in Meda

More 30/06/2015

Zimmer + Rohde is on display in the Berto textile collection

More 17/02/2015

Sofa bed with 18 cm high mattress

More 23/12/2014

Romo is on display in the BertO Textile Collection

More 20/12/2014

Etro is on display in the Berto textile collection

More 21/10/2014

Christian, the new Berto modern sofa

More 30/06/2014

Berto launches its new 2014 sofa collection

More 15/05/2014

divanoXmanagua, design Made in Italy

More 09/01/2014

Nemo, the sofa bed with rhythm and character

More 06/12/2013

Ribot the leather. A champion of elegance.

More 20/04/2013

New collection Modern Sofas by Berto

More 03/08/2012

The new collection to brighten autumn

More 19/09/2011

Cambridge, the classic that suits the present

More 15/09/2011

Cassandra, new bed with a timeless charm

More 14/09/2011

Servizio "COCCOLE"

More 25/07/2011

New Video about Berto Salotti's Chesterfield

More 24/05/2011

The New Chester Sofa Bed

More 22/11/2010

The new Sofa beds Baltimora and Atlanta

More 11/11/2010

Hilton has arrived!

More 27/07/2010

The new sofa bed: Centottantagradi

More 03/02/2010
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