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Technological innovation during the epidemic: the case of BertO in the magazine Economy

More 24/12/2020

Corriere della Sera: Why you should ask the advice of one of BertO’s expert interior designers

More 19/12/2020

BertO’s 5% solidarity project in Corriere della Sera: fight against COVID

More 18/12/2020

Filippo Berto talks about the Dream Design Made in Meda by BertO in Domus

More 05/12/2020 BertO is the first Design society to focus on digital technology to keep moving forward!

More 20/11/2020

Dee Dee Home Cinema is protagonist in "Visioni d'Autunno" in Living/Corriere della Sera

More 15/11/2020

BertO takes part in the Milan Design Film Festival 2020

More 05/11/2020

For IFDM - Interior Furniture Design Magazine - BertO is "the digital side of Meda"!

More 04/11/2020

BertO grows by 50% every year (even during the epidemic): the article in Corriere della Sera

More 02/11/2020

BertO is partner of the Milan Design Film Festival 2020

More 19/10/2020

In Business People the case of BertO: open the door to your dream design!

More 11/10/2020

Dee Dee sofa Special Edition Home Cinema is protagonist of Living in Corriere della Sera

More 04/10/2020

The welcoming comfort of the Dee Dee sofa on the Area.Arc website

More 14/09/2020

See Filippo Berto’s comments in the eBook IntervalloLungo by Fabio Lalli available from Amazon

More 08/09/2020

Google rewards Made in Meda by BertO. Read the article in "La Provincia"!

More 23/08/2020

Google calls BertO: an example of innovation reported in the national daily newspaper IL GIORNO

More 18/07/2020

BertO is a testimonial of the new Google project ITALIA IN DIGITALE

More 14/07/2020

Innovation, what we have learnt from the lock-down. Interview with Filippo Berto on Le Fonti TV

More 26/06/2020

Filippo Berto talks about The Spirit of 74 on “Suonate Le Campane”.

More 25/06/2020

Corriere della Sera presents the new Dee Dee Home Cinema sofa by BertO

More 24/06/2020

BertO on “La nuvola del lavoro”: from 5 to 50 employees thanks to digital innovation in the field of

More 20/06/2020

Filippo Berto writes an open letter to design enthusiasts in Corriere della Sera

More 15/06/2020

"Meda for design is like Chianti". The meeting between BertO and Gaddo Della Gherardesca in Il Citta

More 22/05/2020

Filippo Berto speaks about THE SPIRIT OF 74 with Germano Lanzoni and Matteo Salvo live on Facebook

More 19/05/2020

The new Dee Dee sofa by BertO is the protagonist of DentroCasa’s shopping list

More 19/05/2020

Dee Dee, the “bespoke” seating system according to the magazine Matrix4design

More 18/05/2020

BertO, in 2019 to 10 million visits with digital technology. Read the article in Pambianco News

More 15/05/2020

BertO Design: the role of the sofa in 2020 as reported in Corriere della Sera

More 14/05/2020

BertO study case for design and life-style at the NetcommSuisse meet-up

More 12/05/2020

The role of digital technology in a period of lock-down: BertO’s online business is a study case in

More 07/05/2020

Brianza re-starts An interview with Filippo Berto in Il Cittadino

More 02/05/2020

Filippo Berto and the team of Palestra d'Impresa in direct to celebrate Labour Day

More 01/05/2020

Berto Digital Upholsterer according to the magazine The Good Life Italia. Read the interview!

More 28/04/2020

Made in Meda by BertO at the centre of rebirth: Filippo Berto participates in #INTERVALLOLUNGO

More 24/04/2020

Filippo Berto takes part in direct in Rinascita Digitale. Watch the video!

More 24/04/2020

Filippo Berto is interviewed on Adnkronos: "We are close to our customers also online"

More 22/04/2020

The Dee Dee sofa is the protagonist of the new communication campaign in Living and The Good Life

More 20/04/2020

Read the review of the book THE SPIRIT OF 74 in the design magazine DDn

More 15/04/2020

BertO at the centre of the new design revolution according to Design@Large

More 14/04/2020

The Dee Dee sofa by BertO, protagonist of the 2020 Collection in Corriere della Sera

More 10/04/2020

The dream design Made in Meda by BertO in the national daily newspaper Corriere della Sera

More 09/04/2020

Design and new technology: read the interview with Filippo Berto on DDN

More 03/04/2020

Perfect fabrics for perfect sofas: the design of your dreams by BertO in the Italian daily newspaper

More 02/04/2020

Rebirth goes digital: an interview with Filippo Berto in “Il Sole 24 Ore”

More 02/04/2020

BertO’s initiatives of solidarity in the “Il Cittadino of Monza and Brianza”

More 14/03/2020

BertO donates 5% of their sales to the fight against Covid-19. The news is reported in the newspaper

More 14/03/2020

Filippo Berto anticipates the decisions of the Italian Government. Read his interview !

More 12/03/2020

Made in Meda, the world capital of Design as told by BertO in Corriere della Sera

More 11/03/2020

BertO: the style Made in Meda in “IL GIORNO”

More 09/03/2020

The design Made in Meda by BertO on the Business&Gentlemen

More 03/03/2020

BertO attends the third edition of Hospitality Sud

More 26/02/2020

BertO & RiFRA: a day dedicated to design in Milan

More 20/02/2020

The BertO campaign for Living Corriere della Sera, February 2020.

More 15/02/2020

The BertO case reported in the book ReStartup by Arrigo Panato

More 29/01/2020
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