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Denim fabrics in the BertO Textile Collection.

More 22/12/2016

Armchairs Emilia and Vanessa Capitonné. Collection 2016.

More 21/12/2016

Welcome to #BertoLive

More 07/12/2016

The Collection Society dresses our BertO beds.

More 01/12/2016

Dining Table Ring: Collection 2016

More 07/11/2016

If Eric Schmidt writes an article on Repubblica and mentions BertO as an example

More 26/10/2016

Collection 2016: sofa Johnny with monoblock frame

More 20/10/2016

BertO is proud to present his first proposal for the dining room: Judy and Ring.

More 27/09/2016

Sanderson Fabrics in BertO Textile Collection

More 20/09/2016

BertO at the Executive Master in Strategic development of small and middle companies

More 16/09/2016

Joey sofa. Collection 2016

More 12/09/2016

Vanessa4newcraft: collective craftsmanship in the magazine DDN - N. 223

More 09/09/2016

BertO Collection 2016

More 17/08/2016

BertO special box: a new tool at your disposal to create your own furniture project.

More 08/08/2016

Circus coffee tables Collection

More 29/07/2016

Filippo Berto: Google Ambassador in Dublin

More 25/07/2016

.exnovo in our online shop: design lamps made with 3D print

More 14/07/2016

VANESSA4NEWCRAFT: the video of our crowdcrafting session.

More 02/07/2016

L’Italia Generativa. BertO case study at Istituto Luigi Sturzo in Rome

More 20/06/2016

#BertoPresenta: Italiani di Frontiera by and with Roberto Bonzio

More 16/06/2016

Filippo Berto takes part in the meeting “Italici: nuovo commonweakth per le imprese italiane”

More 13/06/2016

Company Storytelling: Berto at the Open Design Italia – Edition 2016

More 09/06/2016

Three hundred and six hands to realize vanessa4newcraft

More 08/06/2016

vanessa4newcraft: the third crowdcrafting project made by BertO

More 31/05/2016

Narration of Made in Italy at New Craft

More 27/05/2016

#BertoPresenta: "Fare è innovare" by Stefano Micelli in Meda

More 25/05/2016

Manufacture 4.0 and the BertO case study in Treviso

More 24/05/2016

#WhyBerto in the book "Fare è Innovare" by Stefano Micelli

More 04/05/2016

Book | The BertO case study in the book by Chiara Alessi DESIGN WITHOUT DESIGNER

More 28/04/2016

BertO about the Kingpins Show in Amsterdam and the Kingdom armchair in denim

More 27/04/2016

BertO Experience at IED in Cagliari

More 19/04/2016

New Craft: BertO at the XXI Triennale in Milan

More 30/03/2016

Villanova Fabrics in our BertO Textile Collection

More 07/03/2016

Sorbonne design bed. Atelier Collection

More 29/02/2016

Talk with Marion: our English speaking Customer Service online.

More 09/02/2016

C&C Fabrics in our BertO Textile Collection

More 26/01/2016

Vanessa armchair. Atelier Collection

More 14/01/2016
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