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Design & Furniture: The BertO Case Study presented at Dagorà Community Day

More 09/06/2023

BertO @ Milano Design Week

More 11/04/2023

BertO opens its first Asian showroom in Singapore

More 25/11/2022

Filippo Berto meets design students from Raffles College in Singapore

More 22/11/2022

Filippo Berto talks about MADE IN MEDA at the National Design Centre in Singapore

More 21/11/2022

BertO designs the Milan loft of Silvia Ottanà and Cristian Milani

More 30/08/2022

Designers of tomorrow: NABA students meet BertO's Made in Meda design

More 25/05/2022

Filippo Berto, a guest at the Italy - Korea 2021 Economic Seminar

More 07/12/2021

The BertO case study presented at Università Ca'Foscari di Venezia

More 09/11/2021

The BertO Case presented at Circular Design Lab at the Politecnico di Milano

More 15/09/2021

Filippo Berto is a guest of the Master of Science in Management at the Università Cattolica

More 13/09/2021

BertO and Dyloan partners for LineaPelle 2021 for Design

More 25/03/2021

BertO takes part in the Milan Design Film Festival 2020

More 05/11/2020

BertO is partner of the Milan Design Film Festival 2020

More 19/10/2020

Filippo Berto speaks about THE SPIRIT OF 74 with Germano Lanzoni and Matteo Salvo live on Facebook

More 19/05/2020

BertO study case for design and life-style at the NetcommSuisse meet-up

More 12/05/2020

Filippo Berto and the team of Palestra d'Impresa in direct to celebrate Labour Day

More 01/05/2020

Made in Meda by BertO at the centre of rebirth: Filippo Berto participates in #INTERVALLOLUNGO

More 24/04/2020

Filippo Berto takes part in direct in Rinascita Digitale. Watch the video!

More 24/04/2020

BertO attends the third edition of Hospitality Sud

More 26/02/2020

BertO & RiFRA: a day dedicated to design in Milan

More 20/02/2020

Filippo Berto in the lecture hall with students in the Università Cattolica in Milan

More 02/12/2019

Filippo Berto at the University Ca' Foscari for the course on International Management.

More 23/11/2019

Companies which grow: BertO and Grafiche Antiga at the Confartigianato workshop in Foscarini

More 18/07/2019

Filippo Berto participated in the Big data and IoT congress in Milan

More 24/01/2019

International Management: Filippo Berto at the Università Ca' Foscari in Venice

More 22/11/2018

Francesco Cancellato presents "Né sfruttati né bamboccioni" 27/6 @ BertoLive

More 14/06/2018

BertO receives the Radical Green award- GREEN WEEK 2018

More 13/03/2018

BertO in Noventa Padovana (PD): new opening on 13th January 2018

More 11/01/2018

Stefano Schiavo presents #Maker on 19th May @ BertoLive.

More 24/04/2017

Filippo Berto at the presentation of “Manifattura Milano”

More 18/04/2017

BertO for Casa Flora Venice

More 07/04/2017

BERTO + INTERNOITALIANO at Milan Design Week 2017

More 29/03/2017

Architect and Upholsterer: Filippo Berto takes part in a meeting in Made In Expo

More 09/03/2017

The BertO case at the University of Padua.

More 06/03/2017

Filippo Berto meets the finalists of Botteghe Digitali

More 24/02/2017

Filippo Berto takes part in the meeting “Traiettorie di sguardi”

More 17/02/2017

Values, business, ethics, team: we will talk about it on 18th March by #BertoLive

More 13/02/2017

Video Campaign #WhyBerto 2017

More 10/01/2017

Welcome to #BertoLive

More 07/12/2016

BertO at the Executive Master in Strategic development of small and middle companies

More 16/09/2016

Filippo Berto: Google Ambassador in Dublin

More 25/07/2016

VANESSA4NEWCRAFT: the video of our crowdcrafting session.

More 02/07/2016

L’Italia Generativa. BertO case study at Istituto Luigi Sturzo in Rome

More 20/06/2016

#BertoPresenta: Italiani di Frontiera by and with Roberto Bonzio

More 16/06/2016

Filippo Berto takes part in the meeting “Italici: nuovo commonweakth per le imprese italiane”

More 13/06/2016

Company Storytelling: Berto at the Open Design Italia – Edition 2016

More 09/06/2016

Three hundred and six hands to realize vanessa4newcraft

More 08/06/2016

vanessa4newcraft: the third crowdcrafting project made by BertO

More 31/05/2016

Narration of Made in Italy at New Craft

More 27/05/2016

#BertoPresenta: "Fare è innovare" by Stefano Micelli in Meda

More 25/05/2016

Manufacture 4.0 and the BertO case study in Treviso

More 24/05/2016

BertO about the Kingpins Show in Amsterdam and the Kingdom armchair in denim

More 27/04/2016

BertO Experience at IED in Cagliari

More 19/04/2016

New Craft: BertO at the XXI Triennale in Milan

More 30/03/2016

BertO on the new Platform Eccellenze in Digitale with Google

More 10/12/2015

Matt Brittin at WBFMI 2015 describes the BertO case

More 04/11/2015

Google AdWords celebrates with BertO 15 years of activity

More 28/10/2015

The first BertO concept store is born in Meda

More 30/06/2015

BertO for Casa Flora Design-Apart Academy project

More 28/05/2015

Collection SOFA4MANHATTAN Fuorisalone 2015

More 26/03/2015

40 years with Berto

More 31/10/2014

#sofa4manhattan: design sofa for New York

More 10/03/2014

Google and Berto for Made in Italy

More 20/02/2014

Fuorisalone 2012 - Analogico Digitale

More 12/04/2012

Berto at the Digital Economy Forum

More 17/05/2011

Fuori Salone 2011

More 11/04/2011

Berto Salotti: Living 2.0

More 02/03/2011

Berto: a lesson of web 2.0 at the Sapienza

More 17/12/2010

Dinameeting: BertO obtain recognition

More 13/03/2009
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