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The new Sofa beds Baltimora and Atlanta

Here they are, two very interesting news on the site Two new innovative models of sofa beds, thought and designed thanks to the feedback of friends and customers online. Today it is undeniable the importance that sofa beds have in everyday life, and for many of us it is more and more difficult to renounce to the use of one or m ore beds well placed in the home.

In favor of this frequent need and of the increased aesthetic taste, large sofa beds were born, Baltimore and Atlanta, "true real beds and sofas”.

Baltimora sofa bed in particular, is the symbol of our commitment for innovation, dedicated to the collection of sofa beds.
The modern design that provides the wide armrests, and the high level of comfort with the padded cushions in goose down, place it in the category of real couch for the contemporary decor of the living area.
The wheels it is equipped with favor the simple sliding front movement which unfolds the network to obtain a real bed for daily use, with
anatomical mattress inPolylatex or orthopedic mattress with springs. The movement of welded net is highly technological.
Equipped with the patent, its operation is guaranteed for 5 years.

Atlanta is a new sofa, an excellent solution for using the daily function of the bed and at the same time very comfortable as a sofa for living room. It is the fruit of a project that has given much space to the idea of comfort in using the sofa for the living. Atlanta, in fact, is equipped with high back, customizable inclination to offer comfort to the very private habits of each.
A rare feature in the sofa bed, which promotes relaxation by being able to comfortably rest your shoulders and head. The backrest is equipped with an intelligent and functional space for pillows. The network is welded, it can support many dimensions of mattresses, orthopedic with springs or anatomical in Polylatex , of a great variety of sizes, from single to one and a half or double mattresses.

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