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Book | The BertO case study in the book by Chiara Alessi DESIGN WITHOUT DESIGNER

The BertO case study in the book by Chiara Alessi DESIGN WITHOUT DESIGNER


With Design without Designer, Chaira Alessi, an authoritative journalist and essayist,   through the scene of contemporary design both in Italy and abroad, faces a new current theme, that of the obsolete designer who does everything by himself, alone against the world.

The revolutions and the movements throughout the world which affect manufacturing, distribution, societies and communication end up by reducing the confines which define the professionals, the designers, creators and the places where they congregate.

In this new definition of the professions the dominance of the designer is redistributed between those who produce – craftsmen and small editors – who distribute on and off line,  who tell of their experiences and who manipulate the product making personalisation a new model of business.
Often these people blend into one single figure. And this new figure is not only a designer.

In her book, Chiara Alessi, follows a path which crosses Made In Italy with manufacture and design attempting to indicate a sustainable path through successful cases and sustainable businesses.

On page 90 there is a paragraph taken from the interview held by Fabrizio Patti with Filippo Berto for LINKIESTA, How an upholsterer can become an e-commerce champion.

Design without Designer is printed by Laterza.
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