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BertO on the new Platform Eccellenze in Digitale with Google

BertO in Eccellenze in digitale with Google

The new training platform “Made in Italy – Eccellenze in Digitale“ (“Made in Italy – Digital Eccellences”) is online and BertO takes part in it.

The project was born during the first months of 2014 after a long development period with Ministero delle Politiche Agricole Alimentari e Forestali (MiPAAF), Unioncamere, University Ca’ Foscari, Fondazione Symbola and Espresso Group with

The initial purpose was to support the Italian PMI along an approaching path towards the economic potential of the web. The result was achieved and now proposed again.

Thanks to a real online learning path, the platform offers a free personalized training plan whose aim is to develop new skills, to learn how to use the digital instruments at their best, such as social media, marketing, seo, data analysis and much more.
Since the first edition BertO gave its contribution to the project by describing its own experience.

The release, here live, broadens the boundaries and supplies new learning tools by proposing them with a completely new approach.

Among the successful stories on the home page - and inside the video lessons – you can find Dario Loison, Giorgio Isabella, Filippo Berto talking about their companies and experiences.

In order to attend the online course you just need to sign in and follow, step by step, the leaning path.
Here you can find the new website of “Eccellenze in Digitale”.

Preview the first video-lesson shot in the BertO showroom in Meda and dedicated to the importance of the key words on research announcements.

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