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BertO in the "Archivio della Generatività italiana"

BertO in the

The “Archivio della Generatività Italiana” chose Berto as a new case study. 

The editors during three insightful meetings and the filming of a new video, presents Berto as an artisan company that, thanks to: the internet, their storytelling ability, successful crowd-crafting events and to its people, captures the interests of those watching by building its’ own alliances as the second generation shows its muscle. 

In other words, to use the words of the Scientific Committee and the editorial staff, “The results of these encounters is the material that you will find in the Archives, which includes narratives of experiences, exemplary project managing, re-invented tradition, produced value and identifies those who have faced the challenges of modernity in a generative way."  

The project identifies who is “creating the future by generating and reestablishing confidence.”

We hope you enjoy the video and in-depth discussion with the contributions from Giovanni Lanzone and Matteo Tarantino.

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