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BertO on Nòva Sole 24 Ore for a new Milanese urban manufacturing the story of Paolo Manfredi

BertO in the story by Paolo Manfredi on Nova Sole 24 Ore about the new urban manufacturing in Milan

Paolo Manfredi, head of digital strategies of Confartigianato Imprese and blogger for Nòva Sole 24 Ore - dedicates a beautiful article to Milan in Nova de Il Sole 24 ore, highlighting an exciting project that sees us as partners: LOM (an acronym for Locanda Officina Monumentale).

"Good news from Milan" is the title of the article, which summarizes in a few words a great truth: Milan does not give up; we are proud to participate, in our small way, in this restart.

Paolo Manfredi dedicates some important stimuli coming from the world of manufacturing companies.
In his review, as intriguing as can be, Manfredi cites active cases in various fields: Fashion, Design, SMEs.

Talking about BertO, it tells about the new ways of living, symbolized by the initiative LOM - Locanda Officina Monumentale - active in Milan for a few months and entirely dedicated to spaces for innovative manufacturing and the new Made in Italy.

We are proud of this essential collaboration. We confirm: we are and will be more and more active in this activity of continuous exploration of new needs in the field of housing, which in our opinion is the best way - today - to meet the needs of customers.

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