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Berto launches its new 2014 sofa collection

Berto launches its new 2014 sofa collection; two new models have been added:  Christian and Callas, truly contemporary, elegant and extremely comfortable.

Berto confirms its commitment, offering unique designs, comfort and personalized upholstering details, with the new 2014 collection.

Christian is a sofa with generous proportions and modern details.

The sofa Christian responds to those looking for sophisticated design, versatility and countless possibilities in composition. Thanks to new technology and materials used in upholstery making, like the new polyurethane foam mixed with virgin goose down for cushions, Christian is extremely comfortable, at the same time will always keep its shape and remain durable. 

Christian decorated with tailored details like pinched seams in the fabric version or rough-cut pinched seams for the leather version will impress everyone. 

Callas sofa is a contemporary and yet very classic model. The challenge for the Berto laboratory was to design a classic sofa with contemporary lines and proportions. The result is Callas, a sofa with a grand personality, very contemporary and suitable for even the most modern spaces.

The new 2014 Berto sofa collection, just as the previous collection is completely customizable, we can personalize the dimensions, finishes and details, thanks to our service Berto Custom Made.

Also available for purchase online or at any one of our Berto showrooms or through our network of exclusive distributors.

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