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BertO at the centre of the new design revolution according to Design@Large

BertO at the centre of the new design revolution according to  Design@Large

A real revolution is taking place.

In our relationships, in our homes, in our way of life. And above all in the way of producing and selling goods.

During the period of lock-down, societies of design like BertO continued serving and assisting their customers by consolidating the society’s digital culture.

This is the theme considered by Elisa Massoni in the article "Lock-down and design societies. The secret is to use the Internet to your advantage” published in Design@Large.

In the vastness of the Internet, the winner is the person who has a story to tell. Faith in what you are doing which goes beyond economic resources and the quantity of production. Those who are able to utilise the Internet, to look around without being afraid of sharing knowledge or asking for help.

In fact the person who has gone beyond traditional models, who is already ahead.

According to Filippo Berto, starting again means understanding what changes will have to be made in the future.

After having passed over two months in our homes, there have been some radical changes.
We have all discovered that often our houses were not planned for continual, prolonged use and that the furnishing no longer satisfies the new needs of today’s family who have to balance work, scholastic activities, relaxation and leisure.

Online we have helped all our customers to re-plan their domestic environment and re-design their homes with the dream design Made in Meda.
Our stores will not disappear but they will be different from how we have known hem in the past.

Digital culture is also the solution for retailers who will have to cultivate interaction with their customers which will offer a service and an intelligent solution to their new needs.

Read the article here and ask for your personalised consultation with one of our interior designers.

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