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Berto on PIZZA n°7

Now available at the most exclusive Berto network PIZZA n°7, the quarterly independent magazine who reports and explores stories about Italian creativity, culture and contemporary style.

We spent a summer day with the Italian photojournalist Delfino Sisto Legnani and the co-director of PIZZA, Andrea Batilla, to discuss the significance of being artisans today, in a time when design and production coexist in the same company and evolve into new forms of creation and communication.

It comes from the "extraordinary Italian storytelling power” of the BertO brand and Filippo Berto himself, who for years tells the story of the custom made products of the upholsterers, tailors and seamstresses of BertO: Carlo Berto, Flavio Cairoli, Matilda Bedendi, Serafina Gallo, and Pierluigi Pauletto.

In this article, they must consistently address key aspects of the Made in Italy label, the generational transfer of the family business, innovative communication strategies and sales in the era of the internet.

We also spoke about the work between traditional upholsterers and innovation.

Would you like to have a copy of the magazine? Come into our showroom or call (while supplies last).

PIZZA is distributed in libraries, museums, bookshops and newsstands, both in Italy and abroad.

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