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The role of digital technology in a period of lock-down: BertO’s online business is a study case in

BertO’s online business in the magazine Fortune Italia

The magazine Fortune Italia dedicates an article to BertO’s online business which allowed the society to offer their customers a service of consultancy of interior design during the period of lock-down.

The online sales during recent weeks have given rise to numerous new attempts at expansion, also in the furnishing sector, attempts which often achieved excellent results while at other times resulted in total failure.

Despite the many difficulties, shop-keepers and retailers had to improvise by putting their business on the Internet offering their customers services and products which were previously available only in the sales outlets.

Due to the health emergency many societies in the field of design had to temporarily suspend their activity while others continued working online only to find themselves completely unprepared and unable to handle the request for new services and new requirements for living in the home.

The difference, as is often the case, is experience: for over fifteen years, BertO has been offering exclusive online services of interior design to their customers from all over the world. So, as Filippo Berto states in his interview in Fortune Italia magazine, in this period we have simply continued doing what we have always done and by adopting new advanced technology which has allowed us to realise beautiful projects despite the lock-down.

Our customers remained in the comfort and safety of their own homes and entered virtually into our showrooms. They are able to receive advice by showing the area they want to furnish in a video call which then allowed us to create a simulation in 3D in high definition showing the new ambient with furnishing and accessories to satisfy the actual current needs of everyday living. 

Needs which are drastically and irrevocably changed compared to only a few weeks ago.

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