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BertO receives the Radical Green award- GREEN WEEK 2018

BertO receives the Radical Green award 2018

Every year the Festival of Green Economy in Trento assigns a prestigious award to entrepreneurial enterprises which have undertaken the path of sustainability, also cultural.

The 2018 edition assigned awards to entrepreneurs who have developed a particular approach to sustainability, so becoming little-big examples of how economy can and does develop values and significance.

There was the entrepreneur who proposed to change the aspect of his valley (at his own expense); there was the society which permitted potential clients to observe  the upholstery work, to meet the tailors and to watch the cutting process of the rolls of fabric; there was the entrepreneur who gave priority to ecological compatibility by adopting a specific Sustainability Charter; there was another who bottled water from a source in a valley in Piedmont with all the care with which he would treat a precious gift and so looking after the surrounding environment; and another who was inspired by the principle of Less is More, a principle which involves giving more in value, products and services while reducing consumption, waste and negative impact on the environment. 

Societies which received the Radical Green 2018 Awards:

-Lorenzo Delladio, CEO of La Sportiva, a world leader in the production of rock climbing shoes and  boots for mountaineering.

-Filippo Berto, CEO BertO, Tappezzeria Sartoriale which permits potential clients to observe the working process, to meet the workers and to watch the upholsterers transform a frame into a sofa.

-Marco Mantellassi, CEO of Manteco, a society whose story has been constructed on small and big ideas following a path based on the deep knowledge of raw materials.

-Alessandro Invernizzi, Managing Director of Lurisia, a society specialised in the production and commercialisation of water and soft drinks and which embraces the principles of People and Territory, the two main values which influence their every decision.

-Susanna Bellandi, global creative, communication & CSR director of Sofidel, world leader in the production of paper tissues for hygienic and domestic use.

And a special mention to Paolo Verri, Director of Matera 2019 European Capital of Culture.
The festival takes place in Trento from 16th to 18th March.

Promoted by the Symbola Foundation and ItalyPost, with the Municipality of Trento, the Autonomous Province of Trento, the University of Trento, the Edmund Mach Foundation, the Bruno Kessler Foundation, MUSEMuseo of Science and Trentino Development, and with the media partnership of Corriere della Sera and Egea,  Green Week is a  showcase of avant-garde technology  in the field of green-thinking.

The 2018 edition was opened by Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.
To find out more about the programme of the Festival and about how to participate in the events, consult the official site.
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