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BertO sofa beds: a new collection for day and night

BertO sofa beds: a new collection for day and night

The new BertO 2018 Collection presents six new models for the living room, the guest room or the holiday home: a range of new double and single sofa beds which can also be personalised in the details and the upholstery.

They are extremely comfortable thanks to the use of new technology for the padding, to the new upholstery which caresses your skin and to the use of the best mechanism, all of which guarantee you a restful night's sleep.

The novelty is in the fact that even the most technical models are also extremely stylish.

In the past, convertible sofa beds have always had just one aim: to combine in a single product two basic functions important for many clients, to provide a comfortable bed and an equally comfortable sofa, often one at the expense of the other.

With their new collection of double function sofa beds, BertO has united the two combining cosy, comfortable sofas for the day with real beds for the night. These elegant sofa beds have beechwood slatted frames and are available in sizes measuring 160 cm, 140 cm, 120 cm and 100 cm.

But that's not all.

BertO has selected the most exclusive fabrics, they have carefully studied every single detail, finish, stitching, volume and form in order to render every single sofa the protagonist of your ideal furnishing project.

The BertO sofa beds are equal to any other sofa, not only for their comfort but also for the care and the style with which they have been created.

How to purchase them?

You can either enter into our Fine Upholstery tailoring in Meda from the comfort of your own home and buy your sofa bed from our online shop or you can visit our single brand Berto Salotti showrooms in Meda, Rome,Turin and Padova.

For any assistance or information regarding measurements, upholstery and personalisation, please contact us at number 0362-333082 or mail us at 
We will be happy to help you in any way.

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