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BertO, digital and dialogue the winning recipe post-pandemic on Il Sole 24 Ore

BertO example of digital competence in the article of Il Sole 24 Ore by Stefano Micelli

Digital is the big player in all SMB research in the year of the pandemic.

This is confirmed by Professor Stefano Micelli in the article “Not only technology but dialogue and skills” and approved by Giampaolo Colletti in writing “The dilemma of digital education in SMEs,” both in the national newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore of Thursday, June 10, 2021.

The past twelve months have represented an essential acceleration for the significant proportion of companies committed to finding a way out of the crisis.

However, process efficiency was not the only aspect of emphasis.Digital and direct dialogue with the consumer represent the winning recipe for the development of companies in the "post-pandemic."

Digital technology, especially for the most dynamic companies, has renewed and confirmed the way of dialoguing with end customers, intercepting the new requests of consumers, and allowing them to design and develop new services consistent with the latest recommendations.

BertO is an example of this, writes Professor Micelli, who has continued to stand by its customers with online design services even during the lockdown, building on his 15 years of experience as a digital pioneer in Italy's furniture industry.

The world has changed in recent months, and it is likely to change again.
Knowing the changes through dialogue facilitated by advanced technological tools is the first step in enriching your offer.

Investment in skills, moreover, support this process, continues Professor Micelli:

the presence of young talents and the upgrade of traditional figures is the only way to support change. It is through these skills, straddling tradition and digital, that we will return to sustained growth.

It is through these skills, straddling tradition and digital, that we will return to sustained growth. Provided that we work with a medium to long-term vision, Giampaolo Colletti continues.

Those who came prepared for the challenge of digitization by rewriting processes and focusing on platforms coped better with the emergent situation.
By betting on the digital transition, it also protected SMBs during lockdowns and restrictions.

In March 2020, BertO temporarily suspended its 5 showrooms open to the public in advance of government requests. Still, it doesn't stop staying by the side of its customers, strengthened by its 15-year experience as a digital pioneer in the Italian furniture industry.

BertO has always invested in training, so much so that it has opened an internal Academy to support ongoing training and recruits in all company functions.

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BertO case - Il Sole 24 Ore article Stefano Micelli
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