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BertO is a testimonial of the new Google project ITALIA IN DIGITALE

BertO is a testimonial of the new Google project ITALIA IN DIGITALE - News BertO

A few hours ago Google, the world web giant, announced its intention to allocate 900 million dollars in 5 years to encourage digitalisation in Italian SMEs.

The aim of the project is to encourage economical recovery in Italy, severely affected by Covid – 19.

To promote this important recovery project, Google has selected three digitally advanced Italian societies as an example to the entire world.

In the furniture sector, Google chose BertO.

Right from 2012, BertO has been repeatedly quoted as a case study for Google, thanks to the skill with which the society’s CEO Filippo Berto understood, before everyone else, the way in which digital technology was able to transform a PMI like BertO into a society renowned throughout the world.

The story of BertO is based on passion for design and for quality furniture and it has found its place in the productive territory of Meda thanks to the artisan craftsmanship for which Meda has distinguished itself over the centuries together with a universally recognised taste for style.

BertO’s name has become known throughout the world thanks to the intuition of Filippo Berto, CEO of the society, who put the family business on the road to digital revolution: “in the early years of 2000 I realised that we had to invest in new strategies in order to compete with giants in this field. We had an enormous patrimony in our hands: our history, the territory and our skill”.

Every professional figure in the society has a digital approach to their work and, finding themselves in a dynamic reality, they are constantly learning new skills. The web is the fundamental structure for BertO to create and consolidate a direct relationship with their customers, listening to their dreams and giving them form.

The story of BertO, which during the lock-down totalled +300% of online sales, confirms how the propensity for digitalisation has now become an indispensable resource.

“Ours is a very traditional sector, still closely bound to the old methods of communication and distribution. Only through personal experience, learning, understanding and continually trying out and testing new instruments and methods, can we fully understand the need to transform our business. The people are always the same, it is the societies which must change." 

Find out more about about the contribution of BertO in the Google ITALIA IN DIGITALE project !

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