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BertO at the Executive Master in Strategic development of small and middle companies

BertO International Case Study at Cattolica University

“CENE CON L’IMPRENDITORE” (Dinners with businessman”) is an important part of the program promoted by the Executive Master of “Sviluppo Strategico delle PMI”.

ALTIS – “Alta Scuola di Impresa e Società” - of the Università Cattolica in Milan addresses to businessmen and partners that are involved in the management of a company.

During the events “CENE CON L’IMPRENDITORE” some businessmen or businessmen’ sons are invited to talk with the students attending the Master.

Such events are taking place during the introductory days and are an important occasion for both students and businessmen to meet and grow.
The informal and special contest of the dinner offers the possibility of interaction between the testimonial and the participants attending the Master and provides a meaningful opportunity of networking.

Filippo Berto has accepted the invitation of Prof. Giovanni Colussi and will speak about his experience as businessman and about BertO case study during the dinner on Friday, 16th September.

For more information about the Executive Master, here you find the full program.

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