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Blog and new forms of communication on the Internet: historical reconstruction and deontological pro

Blog furnishing and communication: the BertO study case in the thesis presented by Ms. Riggio

Blog furnishing and communication: the Berto Salotti study case 

Blogs and new forms of communication on the Internet: historical reconstruction and deontological profiles – this is the title of the thesis written and presented by Ms. Francesca Riggio at the Università Cattolica in Milan: a research which penetrates deeply into the world of communication and which also gives space to the world of the furnishing sector by analysing the Berto Salotti case study.

Thanks to the Internet world, we have become used to rapid changes. Internet came into the world as the democratic instrument which we were all waiting for, the only platform free of press censors and social constrictions.

It was the only instrument which was able to offer a place of interaction and expression. The amazing force with which the Internet has become an integral part of our lives is still today a fascinating and intriguing mystery.

Internet’s innovative scope has obliged the traditional media to give way before it, invidious and at the same time conscious of its unequalled force and attraction.

The success of Internet is mostly due to its ability to keep its promise of “democracy” for which everyone can be a protagonist, participate and voice their opinion, where everyone can come out into the open. And it is here that blogs and social networks, promoters of new cultures, creators of new relations and creators of new professional figures can find fertile ground. Blogs are, above all, an opportunity for the future.

This is the origin of the research carried out by Ms. Riggio, starting from the awareness that today the web is not only a space where each person can express themselves but that it is becoming always more often the way to success, real success, that with six zeros.

The blog is an instrument created by a combination of technological evolution and the tradition of books in which our culture still remains deeply embedded. As Andrew Sullivan says, the blog is the solution to all the problems of anyone in this profession. It makes you the entrepreneur of yourself, free from the restraints imposed by editors and managers. With just one click you can speak to the whole world.

Furthermore Ms. Riggio took advantage of the contribution of bloggers and professionals in the world of communication, proposing in the appendix the interviews which contributed to better describe this phenomenon giving us a competent insight into the subject.

In this context there is also the BertoStory blog, one of the first societies to introduce a blog in the furnishing sector in Italy. It was created in 2004 on the orders of Filippo Berto with the aim of telling the “behind the scenes” story of his society, his passion for a traditional skill such as that of upholsterers on the base of which it is possible to create a sofa completely by hand to satisfy the desires of every single client.

Blogs of furnishing and communication are therefore in the DNA of the BertO strategy, right from the beginning of the first digital instruments.

Faculty of Literature and Philosophy - Economy – Political and Social Science.
Degree course in Communication for Societies, the media and complex organisations.
Speaker Prof. Ruben RAZZANTE
Academic year 2013-2014.

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