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Brianza re-starts An interview with Filippo Berto in Il Cittadino

 interview with Filippo Berto, CEO of BertO, in the weekly newspaper Il Cittadino of Monza and Brianza

In a situation which is very difficult for us all due to the health emergency and lock-down, BertO decided to anticipate the closure of their showrooms before the regional and national regulations came into force.

"Right from the first week in March we decided to close our showrooms while production continued until 23rd March.”
For the re-opening BertO activated a plan to sanitise the showrooms based on the official protocols ensuring that the areas were totally safe for both employees and customers.

At the entrance to every showroom, customers had their temperature taken and visits to the showrooms were planned by appointment only. Brianza and design Made in Meda must re-start and BertO has used every instrument possible to serve their customers in absolute safety.

Up until a short time ago, going to a shop to decide on a purchase was the most natural thing in the world. Today however, everything has changed.

For many people this could be a cause for preoccupation which is understandable and completely justified.

For this reason BertO offers a service in which customers can receive a personalised consultation directly in their homes by means of the most advanced digital technology or they can visit the showroom by appointment where they can receive advice privately and in complete safety.

We organise, plan and make sure that our customers can enter and leave our stores without risk in order to give maximum attention and care to you and your project.

In this post on the BertoStory blog we explain the 7 reasons to visit the BertO showrooms in complete safety.

Ask now for your personalised consultation with one of BertO’s interior designers.

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