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The BertO case reported in the book ReStartup by Arrigo Panato

The BertO case reported in the book ReStartup by Arrigo Panato

Filippo Berto talks about the BertO case study in an interview which features in the new book by Arrigo Panato: ReStartup – entrepreneurial decisions which can no longer be postponed, published by Egea.

ReStartup is addressed to the SMEs that are re-designing their societies and the sector in which they operate, just as if they were in the start-up phase, starting however right from their history and traditions. Often the SMEs who feel the need to set out in a new direction are going through a period of generational change.

Putting off certain decisions is a practice common to all those societies who desire to grow but who are not doing so.

Arrigo Panato underlines certain characteristics which these societies have in common and their need to undergo real Start-Up to bridge this gap: speed, innovation, curiosity, dimensional growth, opening up to other societies and the need for new skills.

In this book, Arrigo Panato puts forward instruments which are very useful for starting to grow together with interviews with established entrepreneurs coming from very different sectors who have started out on a path which has led them to reach their desired results.

Among these experienced entrepreneurs there is also Filippo Berto who answers Arrigo Panato’s questions telling him about BertO’s success story.

The book ReStartup is available in bookshops and online.
Furthermore, you can follow discussions on this subject, monitored directly by the author, on Facebook ReStartup Group .

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