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Corriere della Sera: Why you should ask the advice of one of BertO’s expert interior designers

article by berto on how to choose the perfect furnishing consultant in corriere della sera

In Corriere della Sera on Thursday 17th December 2020, you will learn how to recognise a BertO interior design expert.

During this last year we have all found ourselves living in our homes much more than usual due to this current emergency.
I’m sure that you will have started to notice features in your home which could be improved or you may have discovered that many of the choices you made have turned out to be unsuitable.
It is very easy to make mistakes when you are choosing furniture on your own or when you trust the wrong people and for this reason it is essential to engage the help of a professional.

A true furnishing expert will try to help you make the best choices in order to achieve the furnishing project of your dreams, even if this sometimes means going against your wishes if these turn out to be erroneous. It is not necessarily true that the piece of furniture you like will be functional and it is always better to discover this before making an important purchase.

All the BertO consultants, from the interior designers to the master upholsterers, are able to help you with your choices and on our web site you can see the many reviews which will confirm that accepting the advice of an expert who will guide you is the first step towards achieving the furnishing project of your dreams.

By choosing BertO, you have a further advantage. The consultants always have a direct relationship with the entire society and with all its functions. This will allow you to solve any problem or doubt in “the blink of an eye”.

You too can easily realise your exclusive furnishing project with one of BertO’s interior designers.

==> Ask for your personalised consultation with one of BertO’s interior designers and create your ideal furnishing project Made in Meda!


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