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The Dee Dee sofa by BertO, protagonist of the 2020 Collection in Corriere della Sera

The new Dee Dee sofa by BertO, protagonist of the 2020 Collection in Corriere della Sera

The Dee Dee sofa is an innovative seating system which re-writes the rules of comfort and design, the undisputed protagonist of BertO’s 2020 collection.

In the corner version with the ROCKAWAY pouffe in leather, proposed in the new BertO communication in the magazines Living and The Good Life, the Dee Dee sofa also has a space on the pages of the daily newspaper Corriere della Sera, where it is presented as an important innovation of the dream design Made in Meda by BertO and an absolute icon in contemporary furnishing.

The characteristics which make this project so elegant and sophisticated is the ease and versatility with which the elements can be composed.

In the version which appears in Corriere della Sera, Dee Dee becomes even more precious thanks to the ROCKAWAY element: a free-standing seat designed with an original double specular curve which can become the protagonist of compositions with wide angles and which softens the severity of the design of the sofa or, co-ordinated with other elements, it can become the end element of minimal, modern compositions.

Its cosy, welcoming comfort is thanks to the high technological components with which it is constructed: a sophisticated system of supports in polyurethane foam with differentiated densities and the softest goose-down allow us to achieve that which we call “eternal comfort”.

The soft structural elements such as the armrests and the backrests are perfectly shaped and sculpted following the stylistic canons that are the base of BertO’ Design system.

The minimal feet in black embossed steel support the elegant steel base.

The armrests, backrests and bases can can be composed in an infinite number of ways thanks to the perfectly matching shapes and sizes of the elements.

The unique characteristic of the DEE DEE design is the unmistakable leather straps which wrap around the armrests. This perfect sartorial detail, realised with the most exclusive Nubuck leather and produced by skilled craftsmen in the BertO workshop in Meda, allows you to create furnishing projects of extreme elegance, personality and originality.

In the corner version with the Rockaway pouffe, Dee Dee is matched with the armchairs and the accessories in the BertO 2020 Collection, design and artwork by Castello Lagravinese Studio.

Create your furnishing project with the new Dee Dee sofa by BertO.

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Il nuovo divano Dee Dee è il protagonista della Collezione BertO 2020 sul Corriere della Sera
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