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Design and new technology: read the interview with Filippo Berto on DDN

Design and new technology: interview with Filippo Berto on DDN

Design and new technology: journalist Roberta Mutti from DDN interviewed Filippo Berto to find out how new technology can help a society overcome the difficulties caused by the health emergency in act during this period and what challenges these societies have to face. 

Filippo Berto had decided, even before the regulation was passed, to temporarily suspend the activity in the BertO stores to face the health crisis. In this period, as in the past and maybe even more than in the past, new technology is at the centre of design and retail. 

The BertO showrooms are in Meda, Rome, Turin, Noventa Padovana and Brescia.
They are all under direct management and naturally the fact that they are closed represents a loss of revenue which at the moment is impossible to calculate. 

However, the effort we have made over the last few years to develop our society on the Internet in order to follow our customers on-line and the decision to support the production of our collections directly from the world capital of Italian Design, Meda, has finally paid off. The BertO design is Made in Meda.

In this period the personnel of the showrooms are working from home and offer a service of consultancy and assistance in 7 languages, including Chinese. 

Over the last few years, thanks to new technology, we have been able to work in various areas throughout the world including many European countries, the United States and China. Even though we still have great faith in Italy, it is good business practice to extend our range of action. 

And so, during these weeks, we have launched a new on-line design service to assist our customers from all over the world.

Read the interview with Filippo Berto in Italian here.

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