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The new collection to brighten autumn

New Design collection of sofas by BertO

It 's official: the new signature collection of modern furniture from Berto Salotti is here.  We invite you to our web site at or visit one of our Berto showrooms, locations in Meda (province of Milan), Parma and Rome.  This year’s collection is prepared to satisfy any palate.  Berto’s usual attention to detail and commitment to handcrafted construction, is without a doubt crystal clear, furthermore, they continue to offer high quality custom made sofas and armchairs.  This year, Berto Salotti’s collection offers three new sofas and one new armchair, all of which are a home lovers’ dream.

Morris, a highly customizable sofa, it fits together like a puzzle making it easy to adapt to fit any room hence satisfies the needs of many clients.  The modular version of Morris confirms this trend towards personalization and the desire of numerous consumers.  One peculiarity of the Morris sofa is its padding: soft but at the same time offers support, with seats not too deep and seatbacks high enough to also serve as headrests.  The use of exceptional materials such as polyurethane foam and down filled cushions provide that soft but not too soft sensation.  Every detail of the Morris sofa can be modified to create a truly custom sofa an important element that captures what is essential in today's home furnishings.

Madison, instead, is a profoundly contemporary sofa, with simple lines and yet has a few well kept surprises.  Special thanks must go to the goose-down seat backs and polyurethane foam cushions.   Madison is probably best suited for a modern living room or an open space that would allow for wrap-around access.   Comfort nonetheless is one of Madison’s best kept secrets, this sofa transforms into a chaise lounge by simply moving the back cushions to the arms.

Sheraton, on the other hand, responds to the minimalists, a sofa par excellence.  Linear even square in design, determined and does not allow for other interpretations.  Chrome-plated steel feet provide a "lift" from the ground, which gives an impression of visual lightness.  Aesthetically pleasing the Sheraton’s polyurethane foam padding and goose down seat backs give the impression of sturdiness while at the same time offer softness and unmatched comfort.
Finally, there is Tweety, an armchair, with a 360-degree swivel, “she’s” playful but knows how to behave.  Elegant brushed steel legs, a sophisticated iron structure with shaped polyurethane padding and high density polyester foam make her strong.  Tweety is an object for relaxation but being the queen of the collection she steals the stage as the main character in any room.

All Berto Salotti ‘s new collection come with removable fabric and leather covers. 

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