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Filippo Berto and Mauro Baricca, authors of "Fare Impresa (senza libretto d'istruzioni)"

Book - Fare Impresa (senza Libretto di Istruzioni)

"Fare Impresa (senza libretto d'istruzioni)" - Doing business (without an instruction) - is the title of the book by Mauro Baricca and Filippo Berto, finally available from Amazon here:

Doing business in Italy today seems to be an impossible challenge.
The facts speak for themselves, but that’s not all.

This is also the opinion of many entrepreneurs who find themselves facing a real obstacle course, often without the right tools to solve all the problems businesses have to face.

If you are an entrepreneur, a freelance professional or a business enthusiast, then probably the words you have just read do not seem so strange.

The debate between Mauro Baricca and Filippo Berto gave rise to a book dedicated to everyone who thinks differently from the crowd.
The proceeds of this book will go to the Association "Un nuovo dono Onlus".

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