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The dream design Made in Meda by BertO in the national daily newspaper Corriere della Sera

Discover the dream design Made in Meda by BertO in Corriere della Sera - News BertO

Filippo Berto, CEO of BertO, is an Ambassador of Made in Meda, deeply proud of the world Design Capital and of the presence of his society in this territory. 

Corriere della Sera dedicates an article to Made in Meda and to BertO, a society which has been realising original BertO designs in Meda, the world capital of Italian design, since 1974.

BertO has been a point of reference in the world of excellent furnishing since 1974.

But BertO’s approach to Made in Meda  has an aspect which is apparently far away: the Internet, an instrument which has had an important influence on the society and on the city of Meda.

Back in 2004 in Meda BertO was the first society to have a corporate blog in the world of design and now, 15 year later, the society is recognised on the Internet at all levels. 

Google Ambassador and Caso studio Google, object of seminars and workshops in the main Italian and European universities: in these years BertO’s attitude towards the Internet has accompanied and promoted both the society and the city in which it operates.

On this point, Filippo Berto states:
Right from the beginning, anyone who comes into contact with BertO online, whether from China, from the United States, the Arabian countries, from Europe and from every corner of the world, all receive the same greeting:  Welcome to Meda!

So why is all this talent in Meda?
Because of the centuries-old manufacturing tradition in which an entire territory has dedicated itself to just one specific type of production, cultivating and setting, and achieving, ever higher standards of perfection.

In Made in Meda, BertO sees a fundamental strategic asset, also for that which regards future generations.
BertO has repeatedly promoted evolution and growth in the young generation throughout the territory. 

From the projects of crowd-crafting such as #divanoxmanagua to the BertOLive events in the showrooms, BertO has been able to promote the growth of local talent in the young men and women of Meda.

Why, again according to Filippo Berto:
The young people are able to live up to the role that awaits them: they live in a more conscious dimension than us.

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Filippo Berto racconta il design dei sogni made in Meda di BertO sul Corriere della Sera
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