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See Filippo Berto’s comments in the eBook IntervalloLungo by Fabio Lalli available from Amazon

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From the contribution of Filippo Berto and other entrepreneurs to the editorial initiative "IntervalloLungo", dedicated to the publication of views, reflections and experiences of leading personalities during the health crisis which has affected the whole world throughout 2020, today has become an eBook.

The format, conceived by Fabio Lalli, was at the centre of attention during the first six months of 2020 in the form of live videos which were then put together and edited to become a digital format which can be read in any moment.

Having to summarize the meaning of the statements made by our CEO Filippo Berto for IntervalloLungo, we could say that the key to re-starting work as it is perceived in the field of Interior design is undoubtedly the quality of Made in Meda.

The high standard of quality together with the unique resources of a territory which has already demonstrated its ability to attract worldwide attention for its talent, will once again be the starting point for a new beginning which will be based, as always, on its ability for innovation.

In the words of Filippo Berto:
"This forced pause must give us time to think about what we have already achieved, to look at things from a different prospective and to imagine and re-interpret our future".

At the centre of the considerations reported in IntervalloLungo, there are also aspects concerning the rethinking of models of organisation and business and to see evolving dynamics In a constructive way.

The eBook is already available in Kindle Store on Amazon for anyone who wishes to keep up to date on the views of Filippo Berto and the numerous protagonists in the economic and entrepreneurial world among which Arrigo Panato, Paola Bonomo, Andrea Pezzi, Roberta Milano, Stefano Quintarelli, Roberto Iabichino, Davide Dattoli, Luca Carbonelli, Massimo Caputi, Ernesto Paolillo.

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