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Filippo Berto at “L'ARIA CHE TIRA” broadcasted on LA7

Filippo Berto at L'aria che tira on La 7 italian tv

On Saturday, 22nd April 2017, Filippo Berto was interviewed during the program “L’aria che tira” broadcasted on LA7 and presented by Myrta Merlino.
The aim of the program is to explain and analyze politics and economics that are closed to the daily life.

Meda, and generally speaking the furniture district of Brianza, was the main focus of a reflection that involved many companies in our field and that happened thanks to a service called “La Brianza resiste alla crisi con i mobili” (“Brianza stands the crisis with furniture”).

If we think about the ‘80s and ’90 there is so little left about that world. But the companies were able to survive and find the right energy to react by reinventing themselves.
In comparison to other industrial districts the companies in the area of Brianza are able to fulfill every sophisticated request coming from the customers. That is possible thanks to the high level of flexibility of our companies, flexibility that often derives from their small dimensions.

On the minute 14.04 Filippo Berto’s speech.

If you want to watch the whole program again, have a look at the video below.

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