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Companies which grow: BertO and Grafiche Antiga at the Confartigianato workshop in Foscarini

Filippo Berto in the workshop “Companies which Grow” organised by Confartigianato Veneto


"Companies which grow": this is the title of the workshop in which Filippo Berto participated on Wednesday 27th July 2019 in Marcon, Veneto.

Organised by Confartigianato Imprese Veneto, conducted by Professor Micelli and held in one of the Made in Italy design societies in Foscarini, the workshop, which involved various entrepreneurs and companies from the North East (mainly Grafiche Antiga), was based on themes regarding company growth. 

Professor Micelli opened the discussion by asking the participants three simple questions, questions which accompanied them all through the duration of the workshop, rich in diverse contributions and personal experiences:

  • Why grow
  • How to grow
  • Who to grow with

Filippo Berto contributed by telling the participants about the challenges he had faced during the growth of his company and the projects and  protagonists that have accompanied BertO from the end of the 1990s up to the most recent transformation period.

Digital technology has certainly played an important role in BertO’s growth, a role which has allowed the company to be recognised as an International Case Study.

However, as Professor Micelli emphasised at the closure of his participation, there are three essential conditions necessary to allow a company to grow:

Acceleration: digital acceleration is not a prerogative of the instruments utilised but rather sensibility towards the world which surrounds us.

Mindset: willingness to venture out of the areas we know and to accept challenges so that we don’t run the risk of staying still.

Planning:  the idea for a project comes before ability, not as a lever but as an instrument for growth.

For further information regarding Filippo Berto’s participation in the Workshop “Companies which Grow”, please contact

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