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Filippo Berto speaks about THE SPIRIT OF 74 with Germano Lanzoni and Matteo Salvo live on Facebook

Germano Lanzoni together with Filippo Berto, Matteo Salvo and Alessio Brusemini speak about book THE SPIRIT OF 74.

A book about people and their passion for their chosen profession: Filippo Berto speaks about THE SPIRIT OF 74 with Germano Lanzoni and Matteo Salvo in direct on Facebook on the group SISTEMA PRO of Alessio Brusemini.

SISTEMA PRO is an exclusive club of entrepreneurs, a virtual and physical meeting point which regards the challenges, visions and the passion they each have for their own work.  

The passion for their chosen profession is the central theme of Filippo Berto’s book THE SPIRIT OF 74 which you can also see in the blog BertoStory with  precious contributions from BertO’s collaborators, customers and the architects who have shared in the spirit of the book.  

Through the reading of the 74 key words which make up the book, the entrepreneurs who take part in the "Allenamenti del mattino" of SISTEMA PRO discuss and share their visions of the world of business.

During the four meetings which have taken place so far, there have been some important guests who, together with Filippo Berto, opened the discussion and directed it towards unexpected directions.

On Thursday 14th May the guest was Matteo Salvo, winner of the 2013 World Memory Championship in London and of the Guinness World Records Memory Man.

On Thursday 21st May, as well as Filippo Berto and Alessio Brusemini, Germano Lanzoni interpreted some of the 74 key words from the book in a very special and personal way (for those of you who don’t know him, Germano Lanzoni is an Italian actor renowned for his interpretation of Milanese Imbruttito).

Buy your copy of the book THE SPIRIT OF 74 here.

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