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Filippo Berto: Google Ambassador in Dublin

Filippo Berto: Google Ambassador in Dublin

The mission of the Google program “A Growth Engine for Europe” is to provide available technology and support to help millions of people and firms developing their presence online, by creating a unique European digital market.

Matt Brittin, president of EMEA Business & Operations, defined the program as follows:

The web is at the heart of economic growth and we have been investing in helping businesses, entrepreneurs, non profits, developers, creators, cultural organizations and students succeed online. We are now doubling our pledge to train a total of 2M people in digital skills by the end of 2016 and are working to bring our current programs to new markets across Europe.

We have a portal dedicated to the network development and we have selected some successful stories that are now Ambassadors of the program: excellent businessmen from all over Europe who can use the digital technology to improve their business and can be a real example for the ones who are starting to digitize their own company.

Google decided to gather all Ambassadors in a group with meetings, experience sharing, workshops and programs committed to growth and development.

The last meeting took place on 20th July 2016 in Dublin, headquarter of the American company.
Once again after Brussels 2015 Filippo Berto was there among the Ambassadors.

Take a look here for more infos about the program “Google: A Growth Engine for Europe

filippo berto google ambassador in dublinfilippo berto in dublin for the program Google,A Growth Engine for Europe

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