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The BertO case at the University of Padua.

Filippo Berto at Padua University

Filippo Berto describes the BertO case at the University of Padua by telling his experience to the students attending the Marketing Course held by Professor Marco Bettiol (the first guest #BertoPresenta with his book “Raccontare il Made in Italy”).

Starting from his beginnings Filippo Berto points out the “keys to growth” of the company is managing today: identity, values, and story.

The ability to create a recognizable offer on the market and the idea of products that are able to satisfy the most demanding requests combined with services (and knowledge) that can support the production custom made up to the centimeter; the web, the possibility of being found and an extremely modern distribution system; and finally the relationship with customers from all over the world: all this allowed the BertO company to be considered a case study in Italy and abroad.

Starting from this point of view Filippo Berto meets the students and describes the exceptional period of development occurring in his company: they confront each others about very important matters such as marketing, open innovation, design, Made in Italy and storytelling.

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