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Made in Meda by BertO at the centre of rebirth: Filippo Berto participates in #INTERVALLOLUNGO

Made in Meda by BertO at the centre of rebirth: Filippo Berto in #INTERVALLOLUNGO

Filippo Berto participates in #INTERVALLOLUNGO taking Made in Meda as the key to the rebirth of his society after Covid-19.

We intend the term “rebirth” as a reference to the re-opening of an activity starting from the base, the territory and the city of Meda as protagonist in creating and producing BertO’s Dream Design.

Meda, as well as being the world capital of Italian Design, is the city in which the founders of BertO, Carlo and Fioravante, chose to establish their society, convinced of the inestimable value that this territory has been demonstrating for over 300 years.

The format of Fabio Lalli, #INTERVALLOLUNGO, starts from the concept that in this precise moment in time, many people do not fully understand the enormity of the problems that societies are facing in Italy and the rest of the world.

But it is not only the theme of economic impact, of a financial crisis which we have never seen or had to manage before now, of models which are now being questioned or of an invisible enemy against which we must take a position. The problem, of enormous dimensions, is the New Normality which we will have to get used to and which will completely model our communications, habits, life-style, social and behavioural dynamics and, last but not least, human relationships.

This obligatory pause must permit us to reflect on what we have achieved, look at things from a different point of view and imagine and re-interpret whatever the future will bring.

Fabio Lalli’s numerous guests come from many different sectors. They discussed about ways to re-think business models, behaviour and new opportunities, metaphorically analysing the “first half”, to use a sporting term, the impact of the epidemic and the effects of this “obligatory pause” while looking towards the dynamics of what will come in the future.

Among the protagonists were authoritative figures such Arrigo Panato, Paola Bonomo, Andrea Pezzi, Roberta Milano, Stefano Quintarelli, Roberto Iabichino, Davide Dattoli, Luca Carbonelli, Massimo Caputi, Ernesto Paolillo and also Filippo Berto.

Watch the discussion in direct.

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