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Filippo Berto and the team of Palestra d'Impresa in direct to celebrate Labour Day

Labour Day for BertO live on Palestra d'Impresa

The 1st May 2020 will remain in the memory of many of us as an unusual Labour day, different and difficult.

Over the last few months we have spoken about passion for our work according to BertO, synthesised in the book THE SPIRIT OF 74, and due to the health and economic emergency, Labour Day seemed to be an important occasion to remind everyone of the importance of work in its every form.

During this day dedicated to work, all BertO’s employees gathered together online: 50 people eagerly waiting for the moment in which they could go back, each to their own work-station, and express their own passion.

This online meeting preceded a second, equally important meeting: the live meeting organised on the Facebook group of Palestra d'Impresa in the section "7: 7 questions, 1 entrepreneur" with Mauro Baricca, Valerio Tagliacarne and Filippo Berto.

Starting from the meeting with BertO’s collaborators, used as a starting point for sharing different experiences, Fillippo Berto answered Mauro Baricca’s questions about the challenges that entrepreneurs have had to face in a delicate period like that through which we are living.

How has marketing changed before, during and after Covid-19?
What are the challenges for businesses after lock-down?
What must an entrepreneur look for when he needs the help of a professional?

At the centre of this online meeting, Filippo Berto’s experience and what it has meant in terms of change for business in his society during this recent period.

You can see the interview in direct here.

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