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Filippo Berto takes part in the meeting “Italici: nuovo commonweakth per le imprese italiane”

Filippo Berto takes part in the meeting “Italici

On Monday, 13th June, Filippo Berto takes part in the meeting held by Globus et Locus, Voices from the Blogs, CSIL - Centro Studi industria leggera, Centro AltreItalie and Edimotion.

During the last few years the Chamber of Commerce Monza and Brianza together with its president, Piero Bassetti, (Globus et Locus) has been analyzing this important theme, that is Italics: a new global community of 250 million of people all around the world (a larger number than people with Italian origins) who identify themselves with Italian culture and language as for belonging, affinity and taste.

Recently mentioned even by the President Mattarella it was our starting point for a research involving 150 cities all around the world that can be considered the most sensitive markets as for the Italics theme: an extremely high potential market for the Italian furniture.

We have got significant results from this research and during this meeting at Salone delle Feste by Villa Reale in Monza we discuss about our Made in Italy and about all Italian strategies concerning the real competitive advantage our companies can get on the international markets.

Filippo Berto takes part in the round table and talks about the theme “Le nuove sfide del Made in Italy nell’era glocal” (The new challenges of our Made in Italy in the glocal epoch) together with Peter Hefti (Molteni & C), Cesare Parachini (Poltrona Frau Group), Gianni Caimi (Caimi Brevetti SpA), Norberto Panzeri (Panzeri Carlo Srl), Cesare Saccani (Camera di commercio di Mumbai) and Ronni Benatoff (Camera di commercio di Tel Aviv).

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