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BertO and MADE IN MEDA featured in the INTERNI magazine article: "The reasons for success"

INTERNI Magazine: BertO and Made in Meda featured in

Filippo Berto's book "Made in Meda: the Future of Design is already a thousand years old" is featured in the article "The reasons for success" published in the April 2022 issue of INTERNI magazine.

Journalist Andrea Pirruccio traces the history of BertO, a small Italian company founded in 1974 by brothers Fioravante and Carlo Berto. Under the far-sighted leadership of Filippo Berto - son of Fioravante and current CEO - BertO had become a successful SME by the late 1990s.

Filippo Berto was a digital pioneer in Italy.
Indeed, BertO was one of the first design and furniture countries in Italy to use the internet to support clients in creating their Dream Design projects and to communicate with them.

To date, thanks to its twenty years of experience, BertO is Google Ambassador for the promotion of online entrepreneurial activities.

In his article Andrea Pirruccio writes:

"Tenacity, keen perspective, and a passionate love for the territory are outstanding characteristics shown by BertO's CEO Filippo Berto..."

It was this love for the territory that gave life to the book "Made in Meda: the Future of Design is already a thousand years old".

The book is a journey through the millennial history of the city of Meda, the world capital of Design.
It is the result of a whole year of research, meetings, and interviews with the city's residents, witnesses, and historians.

This incredible journey ends with the formulation of 10 theses for the future.

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BertO e Made in Meda: article INTERNI
Article INTERNI magazine: BertO e Made in Meda
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