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BertO in Interni Magazine, in the section "Talk with me" by Laura Traldi

talk with me: interview with filippo berto in interni february 2021

Laura Traldi is the author of a long article in the February 2021 issue of the prestigious Design publication "Interni", dedicated to Italian excellence in design, digital technology and innovation.

Even before reading the article, the work of BertO can be admired in the images which accompany the text: right under the tittle you can see the project realised specially for the 2020 Milan Design Film Festival.

Laura Traldi defines BertO as:

The brand that has used the Web since 2004 to interact with its own audience; its customized business model is based precisely on direct relations between brand and client, without middlemen.

The importance of digital technology is highlighted by the capacity of the excellent societies mentioned by Laura Traldi (Alessi, Flos, Minotti and BertO) to build a relationship with their customers throughout the world.

BertO demonstrates this thanks to the direct communication they have without the use of intermediaries.

Filippo Berto himself defines digital communication as: “a real value which allows us to create a conversation from which business ideas can emerge”.

Filippo Berto also spoke of how BertO has faced this last year: “when the lock-down started we simply pressed down on the accelerator of a system which had already proved its worth. When the shops and showrooms closed we increased the personalised consultancy we offered online in various languages with real simulations of design and decoration”.

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