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Rebirth goes digital: an interview with Filippo Berto in “Il Sole 24 Ore”

interview filippo berto nova sole 24 ore

Small, flexible, creative: rebirth goes digital.

In the article published in Nova.Tech of Il Sole 24 Ore on Thursday 2nd April, Giampaolo Colletti interviewed Filippo Berto and other entrepreneurs to speak about the visions of new models based on technological innovation: the new challenges of global micro-brand, namely the SME and artisan businesses, compromised supply chains and stories to re-write.

We are living through a middle-world. In front of us there are clean pages on which we can design new scenes, re-consider spaces, relations and markets.

The Internet allows societies to support retails outlets with digital technology, the result of new relationships so earning the trust of our customers.

Together with BertO you can read the story of Arianna Occhipinti, a Sicilian businesswoman from Ragusa, who continues the work in the vineyard but working on alternate rows of vines in order to respect social distancing.
Societies, also the small and medium businesses, have to take on new values.

They have to learn a new language no longer necessarily regarding exclusivity but a more functional concept of personalisation.

These reflection moved forward thanks to the precious contribution of Stefano Micelli: we need to construct a different story where the future of a society is bound to the future of the nation. We must reconstruct the relationship between the societies and the community.

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Interview Filippo Berto Il Sole 24 Ore
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